Come & dance!


Annual dance festival that emerged 38 years of our little neighborhood gym in Barcelona ago with the idea of showing friends and family effort and perseverance of our students.

500 participants from various sports, public or private schools, including independent groups now meet. Most are gyms, AMPAS, APAS, dance academies, box, associations, civic centers, sports centers, independent groups and dance schools.

They can engage students of all ages, from the smallest (after two years) to the elderly. FES GYM is a perfect opportunity for all participants to show what they have learned so far for the festival

You do not need any specific level, everyone can participate, in the case of students who have just started or already have long dancing experience, FES GYM is suitable for any student with a passion dance. It’s NOT a competition; the festival atmosphere is friendly and forthcoming.

All participants show there choreographed variety of styles, from the most traditional to the most innovative, some of them are:

street dance, jazz dance, hip hop, Waacking-vogue, belly dance, b-boying, Latin, strip dance, house dance, ballet, African dance, Kapoeira, acrobatic dance, locking, contemporary, krump, flamenco, sevillanas, fit kid, commercial dance, regional dances, reggaeton, hype, sexy style, funk, break dance, c-walk, …


Depending on the number of enrolled Participants. Groups consist of:

  • From 1-10 dancers: 1 choreography
  • From 11-20 dancers: maximum 2 choreographies
  • From 21-30 dancers: maximum 3 choreographies
  • From 31-50 dancers: maximum 5 choreographies
  • From 51 dancers: please ask to organization


The same dancer can make a maximum of 2 choreographies.

* Maximum duration for choreography: 4 minutes

PITARCH’S EVENTS thoroughly cares for its customers, offering a professional service and attention for every moment, from the first contact with the organization until the end of the event.

The place where the festival is held in the Cornellà Auditorium (Barcelona), modern facility with ample space, a large enclosure composed of a beautiful theater that features stunning scenery, bar-cafeteria, 5 dressing rooms and a huge room intended costume / room heating.

The scenario fits perfectly for small groups or with a large number of dancers, all the choreography look extraordinary, as it is spacious, we also offer our customers a giant screen in which each center can capture images of their groups school, logo, etc.

FES GYM lasts approximately 3 hours, in which attendees will enjoy a variety of programming choreographies of different trends.
It is celebrated on the last Sunday of November or the first of December each year.
The registration fee per student is 8 €. The deadline for registration is November 14. (Previously you had to make your reservation).

At the close of our festivals always deliver as a sign of gratitude a number of diplomas and gifts to all participating centers, directors, instructors, managers and students, and presents / gifts to the audience. In addition we also work strongly that every year a large number of partners. Companies provide some of these gifts.

The aim of the festival is to share the knowledge of the dancers, each and every one of them showcase their illusions, motivation and joy on a big stage, having in common with his fellow passion for dance.